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Russian Blue Cat Cattery Benigea
Russian Blue Cat
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Kontakt / Address

Cattery Benigea
Sarka Slamova
Frycajova 157
614 00 Brno-Obrany
Czech Republic
GPS 49.2377258N 16.6451075E

Info for Interested People

When are kittens prepare to go to new home?

Kittens have to stay 13 weeks at the cattery Benigea.  Kittens are suitable for breeding and also just a pet.

A new owner will get buying contract, their own pedigree, information about chipping and Pet Passport. Kittens will be double vaccinated against panleukopenia, herpesviruses and calciviruses and have done three time anti-worm protection.  Kittens will be chipped. Both parents are negative colorpoint tested

Kitten price is determined by agreement between the breeder and buyer and unfolds according to the current market situation. The price of females can be a bit higher than males, as well as a kitten for breeding price is usually higher than the price of a pet only.

Do not forgot that an investment to kitty is for 10 to 20 years and the input price is only the beginning of expense with the cat. Efforts to significantly reduce the price of a kitten may be a sign for us that the next time you should save on health care or  food quality. Thank you for understanding of it :-)



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