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Russian Blue Cat Cattery Benigea
Russian Blue Cat
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Cattery Benigea
Sarka Slamova
Frycajova 157
614 00 Brno-Obrany
Czech Republic
GPS 49.2377258N 16.6451075E

Cattery Benigea

IC Hestia Nerthiana*CZ x IC Benjamin Jeryje*CZ

Do you want to have a baby cat from our fourth Russian Blue litter?
We will make the reservation in litter D; the kitten pick up we plan during Spring/Summer 2018. Contact us just now.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome on web pages of Cattery Benigea. We are breeding Russian Blue cats. Building their bodies, the elegance of their movements, their nature and the two green sapphires set in mouse fur, all the pieces of the mosaic leading to the final decision, why we choose and act just the breed. Benigea was registered in the International Registry FIFé 13. 5. 2013. His name got in our first Russian cat Benjamin Jeryje, whom we brought from Bohouňovice I near Kolin in October 2011. In mid-June 2013, we acquired a kitten, named after the Greek goddess hearth&home-Hestia Nerthiana. In the first half of 2014 we successfully and without complications bred first litter of kittens, in the spring of 2015 followed by second litter, at the turn of the year 2015/16 third litter and on Easter Sunday 2017 the fourth litter. Exemplary mother of all litters of kittens were Hestia, father was Benjamin.

Each of our kittens will receive a Certificate of origin-Pedigree, international Pet Passport, upon request, provide information on genetic testing of the parents. Kittens are leaving to new owners properly vaccinated twice, three times dewormed. They are always chipped. If their new home abroad will also be vaccinated against rabies and will shortly prior to transfer abroad, subject to the veterinary report on health status. Of course, their socialization and ability to use a cat toilet.

FIFE: Fédération Internationale Féline Klub chovatelů modrých ruských koček Moravia Cat Club PawPeds Diagnostická laboratoř Sevaron s.r.o. Sdružení chovatelů koček Royal Canin